Our Board

2018-2019 Board Members

Heather Gwaltney PRESIDENT


ashley robertson President elect


patty funderburg Immediate Past President


karen cotchett Secretary


amy owen  treasurer


anna glass Room To Bloom Co-Chair


caroline o'brien Room To Bloom Co-Chair


amy moore Corporate SponsorshipS CO-Chair


beeland voellinger  corporate sponsorships co-chair


valerie goldsmith Patron co-Chair


parker shuford patron co-chair


kimberly mize Fall EnrichMINT co-Chair


virginia shaw Fall EnrichMINT co-Chair


mimi harris cuban theme party co-chair


frances williamson  cuban theme party Co-Chair


keri clavin Symposium co-Chair


amy kerr Symposium co-Chair


Liz shuford Active Membership Coordinator


jessica fallis Membership Admissions


elizabeth fagg new member chair


natalie scott Associate and Emeritus Coordinator


kristin lewis Dues and Database Chair


reid simons Membership Meetings/Education Chair


kathy cope Acquisitions Chair


katie warren Communications Chair


kristin hair Communications vice Chair


jessica sidhom social media


susan calton Endowment Chair


corrie manis Hospitality co-Chair


leigh young Hospitality co-Chair


betsy conway goverance


hobby sherman programming chair


laura philipson fashion chair


kristen day AT-LARGE


sarah fisher At-Large


susan Mcbarnet  At-Large


liz Pollet at-large


robbie whisnant At-large