Room to Bloom Committee



Patty Funderburg

room to bloom Co-Chairs:

Sarah Fisher
Susan McBarnet


Anna Glass
Ashley Robertson

Sponsorships co-chairs:

Reid Simons
Beeland Voellinger

Patron & Benefactor co-chairs:

Denny O'Leary
Robbie Whisnant

Fall Enrichmint Forum co-chairs

Caroline O'Brien
Liz Pollet

CommenceMInt co-chairs

Leslie Culbertson
Bobbie Sharrett


black and white theme party co-chairs

Saara Matthews
Libby Velinsky

spring Symposium co-chairs

Anna Glass
Ashley Robertson

merrimint co-chairs

Agnes Ragsdale
Allison Welch

Reservations and Table Captains:

Bridget Browne
Greta Hord

Silent Auction:co-chairs

CT Anderson
Fran Williamson

active member coordinator

Liz Shuford