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The Mint Museum Auxiliary is a leading, innovative affiliate organization dedicated to generating funds to support inspiring educational offerings for the community and significant acquisitions for the museum's permanent collection.

Organized in 1956, the Auxiliary supports The Mint Museum by raising money to support educational offerings for the community and to fund acquisitions for the Museum's permanent collection. The Auxiliary has grown from a small group of 60 women to 600 members spanning seven generations. To date, the Auxiliary has donated over $15,900,000 to The Mint Museum including funds and acquisitions.  The six-decade partnership between the Mint Museum and the Mint Museum Auxiliary has been rich, strong, and beneficial to both the Museum and the city of Charlotte.


A prerequisite for membership in the Auxiliary shall be an interest in the Mint Museum and a willingness to participate in programs and projects of the museum, especially those sponsored by the Auxiliary. Active Members are encouraged to volunteer for an Auxiliary event, an Auxiliary committee or at the Mint Museum.  Dues are $100 for Active Members and $125 for Associate Members.  In addition to Auxiliary dues, all members are expected to maintain a membership at the Mint Museum.

Our membership application IS NOW OPEN for our 2023-2024 class.  Our Board of Directors voted on applications at our September 11. Any applications received after September 11 will be reviewed at our February 2024 board meeting. 

If you have any other questions about joining The Mint Auxiliary, please reach out to New Member Chair, Lauren Gilbert.

New Member Application 2023-2024

New Active Members shall pay an Auxiliary application fee of $100 at the time of membership application. 

New members are required to become members of the Mint Museum, if they are not already members. Active members are also expected to purchase two tickets during the year to our fundraising events.

Privileges:  Active Members may vote and serve as officers and Directors of the Auxiliary.  Any Active Member who has completed at least one (1) fiscal year as a Active Member of the Auxiliary may sponsor or co-sponsor candidates for membership in the Auxiliary.

Voting Rights:   Pursuant to the Auxiliary’s Bylaws, the Active Members have the following voting rights:

  • Election of Officers. (Bylaws Article IV, Section 2. See “ELECTION OF OFFICERS” below.)
  • Approval of changes to the Auxiliary’s Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation (Bylaws Article IX, Section 5)
  • Approval of new fundraising projects that the Board anticipates will generate more than $100,000 in net revenues (Bylaws Article VII, Sect. 1)
  • Approval of certain extraordinary expenditures from the Endowment for Mint Museum Acquisitions (“EMMA”), established by the Auxiliary on March 28, 1985 (Bylaws Article VII, Section 3)
Voting by proxy:  An Active Member may appoint the President or any other Active Member to vote for such member at a regular, special or annual meeting by delivering to the Secretary of the Auxiliary prior to such meeting (a) a written appointment form signed by such member or (b) an electronic mail message (or other form of electronic, wire, or wireless communication) that provides a written appointment from such member.

Use of the Auxiliary Membership List: The Mint Museum Auxiliary membership list is for the use of the Auxiliary or the Mint Museum only and cannot be given away, sold or otherwise used for promotion of any activity unrelated to the Auxiliary or the Mint Museum. It shall not be used by Auxiliary members or other individuals for personal gain or made available for political, commercial or solicitation purposes.


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