Halston/Warhol Exhibition Opening

When: 3/6/2015 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Mint Museum Uptown at the Levine Center for the Arts
Halston/Warhol Exhibition Opening
"Studio 54" Party

Friday, March 6, 2015
Attire: Anything Goes at Studio 54!

Come prepared to dance the night away and receive an exclusive sneak peek at Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede, the Mint Museum Uptown's special exhibition that opens to the public on Saturday, March 7th.  Enjoy heavy hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and fabulous music in a Studio 54/Warhol Factory setting. Have you had your 15 minutes of fame?  Tickets are $125 per person and can be purchased online until 3/2/15.  Space is limited.

List of Attendees

First Name Last Name
Laryn Adams
Cassie and Rob Albergotti
Matthew & Lauren Alexander
Laura Archibald
Cathy Austin
Steve Balzer
Whitney Balzer
Whitney Balzer
Hannah Barnhardt
Robin Baumgartner
Robin and Doug Baumgartner
Susu Bear Bear
Mark Beattie
John and Katherine Beltz
Barrie and Matt Benson
Barrie and Matt Benson
Barrie and Matt Benson
Greg and Betsy Blinn
Jeanne Bragg
Rebecca Brown
Bridget and shippen browne Browne
Christina Brunnemer
Mr & Mrs. Brian Bucci
Kelen Bunner
Byron and Elizabeth Burns
Scott Carlton
Colby & Lynn Cathey
Katie Charlebois
Haley Cheek
Paul & Audrey Clawson
John clements
kimberly clements
kimberly clements
Paige and Mark Cohen
Susan Cole
Helen Collins
Alyssa Conner
Betsy Conway
Hillary & Fairfax Cooper
leslie and hardy cooper
De & Annie Cordell
Dawn Cordero
Hillary & Burrell Crittendon
Katherine Daly
Ryan Daly
Denise Davis
Rebecca Davis
Kristen Day
Jennifer Dixon
Kathryn Dixon
Pontea and Jonathan Dixon
Tom Dixon
Lynn Douthett
Gray Dunaway
Laurie and Ned Durden
Jonsie Evans
Claudia Fanning
Esther Farnham
Joe and Elizabeth Fernandez
Sarah Fisher
Kimmery and James Fleischli
Karen Flynn
Eric Gamble
alejandra garcia
Page Gatewood
Anne Giese
Valerie Goldsmith
Ashley Goldstein
brooks grainger
Clary and Robert Gray
Tatum Gressette
Lindsay & Tripp Griffin
Deidre and Clay Grubb
Dan Haggstrom
Maureen Haggstrom
Kristin and Sean Hair
Whitley Hamlin
Anna Harris
Cyndi Harris
John and Virginia Hart
Michlene Healy
Allen & Heather-Camille Hewett
Liz Hilliard
Amy and John Hines
amy and john hines
Beth and Bill Hobbs
Amanda Hollingsworth
Natalie Homesley
Holly Hoover
Kelly Hopkins
Kelly Hopkins
Rick Hopkins
Rick Hopkins
Mandy & Todd Houser
Kelly Huie
Leigh Humphrey
Watts Humphrey
Jennifer Jackson
Betty Johnson
Chandra Johnson
Rhonda Johnson
Yolanda Johnson
Darlene Jones
Jenny Jordan
Neal Jordan
Callie Kelly
Catherine Ruth and Alex Kelly
John Kenedy
Amy & Evan Kerr
Lauren Kingsley
Megan Klein
Lynsey Kmetz
Mike Knaebel
Shirley & Matt Kosmicki
brandon and clarissa lacy
Beverly and Mark Ladley
Adam and Shelly Landau
Bob Long
Mary Long
Nancy MacDonald
Jennifer Mansfield
Susan & Alasdair McBarnet
anna mccoy
Caroline McGuire
Carrie Miller
Hans Moller
Emily morgen
M/m Garrett Moseley
Lori Mountcastle
Brad and Charla Muller
marietta murphy
Michelle Neun
Elizabeth Newton
Eleanor NOrman
Blake O'Connor
Windy O'Connor
Jim & Sally O'Hare
Denny and Brian O'Leary
Jon and PerMar Olin
Greg Pappanastos
Catharine and John Pappas
Ann Stewart and Pearson Pendergrass
Beth Perry
Karen and Brandon Perry
Holly Phillips
Connell Pinckney
Amy Liz Pittenger
Kara Plotz
Liz and Dave Pollet
Haley Poole
Tara Price
Neely & Jack Purcell
Agnes Ragsdale
Ellen Rankin
Doug Richman
Isabel Roberts
Patricia Rodney
Art Roselle
Paige Roselle
Rusty and Courtney Salton
Claire Samuels
natalie scott
Bobbie Sharrett
Bobbie Sharrett
Jennifer Shelton
Marianna & Trey Sheridan
JIm Shuford
Liz and Dave Shuford
Parker and Stephen Shuford
Lesley Shull
Liz and Walker Simmons
Reid and Mike Simons
Annemarie and Bernie Smith
Frank Smith
Nancy Smith
Keiran Strayhorn
Wesley & Claudia Sturges
Jamie and Andrew Sumich
John Switzer Switzer
Margaret Switzer
Elizabeth Tarumianz
ann tarwater
Michael and ann Tarwater
Mark and Stephanie Timperman
Meredith Tomascak
Irina Toshkova
Chris Trainor
Roxanne & Curtis Trenkelbach
Shital Vaghasiya
Anne Warren
Allison Welch
Jackie Wells
Mike Wells
Ashleigh White
Stuart White
Margo Whitley
Will Whitley
Stephen Wilson
Gracy and Scott Wooster